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The art of the mix tape has been a key feature to my artistic growth and education since I received a boombox for my 10th birthday. For me, making mixes involves the consideration of themes, the composition or structure of the playlist, and research - the joy of finding what's new to me. The meaning and tactility involved in exchanging physical tapes and CDs is irreplaceable, and streaming services have never increased the rate or quality of musical exchanges in my life. Streaming music has many issues, including appropriate compensation for artists. And it is the means of sharing currently available to me. 

I like to make monthly mixes, however I'm consistently inconsistent. I also like to write up notes about each song and the artists, when I've got the time. I will post here whenever I've got them. I'd love to receive your listening recommendations if you feel compelled to share. 

July 2020

June 2020

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